Engineering Blog

August 24th, 2010

What the Engineers-in-Training Work on at Yelp

This summer, we were fortunate to have 7 awesome interns join us for a 12-week internship at Yelp HQ. Coming from elite schools across the nation, these interns weren’t fetching us coffee or making copies. They were working side by side with our best and brightest on some of the most important and critical pieces of Yelp’s business. We had them coding away on everything from search infrastructure to user visible features. We couldn’t be prouder of the work they did and now we’d like to share their accomplishments with you!

  • adityaAditya M.: Bachelors student at Carnegie MellonAditya tackled the huge undertaking of converting our Yelp Review Highlights over to MapReduce. He also improved search for and despite the many nerf darts whizzing by his head every day.
  • garrickGarrick C.: Bachelors student at Carnegie MellonGarrick worked tirelessly on our API version 2.0. He also got to toy around with some fancy (but secret) new features for our iPhone app. Garrick most enjoyed our small team sizes, Friday learning groups, and company offsites.
  • abhinav

    Abhinav S.: Bachelors student at Carnegie MellonThanks to Abhinav, we now have a brand new photo uploader. Within seconds, you can upload as many photos as you want of your favorite local business. Go ahead – try it out! Abhinav’s favorite part about Yelp? His fellow Yelp Engineers (awww…).

  • evrhet

    Evrhet M.: Masters student at Brigham Young UniversityEvrhet re-built our email delivery tool for Yelp Elite Squad members and added a reporting system for all email correspondence to users and business owners. He was most impressed with Yelp Engineering’s speed, code quality, and work environment!

  • daniel

    Daniel L.: Bachelors student at Harvey MuddDaniel spent his summer digging deep into Yelp data to improve business categorization. Searching for that auto repair shop in Wapakoneta, OH will now be a whole lot easier as we roll this change out. Daniel loved participating in the Summer Hackathon and hanging out with his co-workers in our brand new Yelp Kitchen.

  • james

    James O.: Masters student at MITJames worked with our business team on credit card compliance and improving business owner comments feature. Right off the bat, he felt part of the team and was most impressed with our code review process and development environment.

  • matt

    Matt T.: Bachelors student at CalPolyMatt joined the infrastructure team and took over the Tron project, our centralized scheduler similar to fcron. Tron will load balance batch jobs across multiple machines, support jobs with multiple dependencies, and much much more. Matt most appreciated our small company culture, speedy development cycle, and passion for what we do here.

We’re sad to see the summer come to an end but we look forward to a busy college recruiting season this fall! We’ll be making stops at Stanford, CMU, MIT, Waterloo, and many others so come find us to learn about full-time and internship opportunities.