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Posts for November 2011

Output Filtering Failure

About a month ago, we launched specifically targeting iPhone, Android, and WebKit-based smart phones. Our engineering team pushes code live on average three times a day. Moving fast means we need to have sound engineering practices internally — such as code reviews by peers and automated testing tools such as unit-tests and static analysis — to catch mistakes before they happen. In this blog post we will detail a misstep that we made and the response that followed. On the morning of October 27, 2011, we were alerted by a team of researchers at Harvard, Yale, and Boston University...

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Mission: Mobile Makeover

As previously reported, we recently released a brand new mobile site, hand made with love for our more than 8 million users with mobile Webkit browsers who visited from mobile devices in August. Surprisingly, there are a lot of challenges when creating a whole new, albeit mini, website (who would have thought?). If you were to look online for guidance on designing a mobile website, you would come across lots of articles that cover three main considerations: The once precise cursor is now your chubby, fumbling finger You have to present a lot of data on a wee-small screen...

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