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Posts for August 2012

GPS vs WiFi: The Battle for Location Accuracy Using Yelp Check-Ins

Our next post comes from Mason G., superstar intern on our IOS team.  While not assembling a  20-monitor wide version of Mario that displays the entire level at once, Mason has been cranking out features for our shiny iPhone and iPad apps.  Yelp thrives on data, so it is no suprise that one of Mason’s projects was to evaluate the technologies we use for pinpointing users’ geolocation.  Read on to get the full scoop! “Checking in” to a business using Yelp’s mobile applications is a fun way for Yelpers to engage with businesses and others in the Yelp community, but we...

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Firefly: Illuminate Your Website's Performance

One of Yelp’s core values is “play well with others.”  So it’s no surprise that Yelp thrives with open source projects written by others, and gives back by sharing projects of our own.  That’s why I’m excited to share this post by the manager of our Infrastructure team, Oliver N. (or as he’s known around the office, “BigO”), which adds to our library of open source projects. How do you know if your website slows down as a result of a code push?  How do you keep tabs on the performance of your most important endpoints?  How do you know...

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