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Posts for September 2013

HTML5 Canvas Learning Group

Up today is another learning group! For those new to the concept, Yelp’s learning group happens every Friday: we serve lunch and listen to a tech talk about something cool, from learning a new language to strategies in Starcraft.  Last month we had an excellent talk by Cameron P., a web developer here at Yelp, on HTML5 Canvas.  He covered how to speed up 2D rendering in browsers and demoed his personal project “ Literally Canvas,” a WYSIWYG drawing widget you can embed on any web page. With HTML5’s Canvas, you can create: graphs, animations, games, image compositions, and more....

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Yelp Engineering Opens an Office in Palo Alto: Come Help the World Find Great Local Businesses!

So you want to be part of the Yelp engineering team, but you just wish you didn’t have to commute all the way up the peninsula to San Francisco? Gosh, if only there were a way…hold on a minute, now there is! Yes, we have read your mind and are pretty psyched to announce the opening of a Yelp office in Palo Alto! Bonus: it’s conveniently located mere blocks from the Caltrain station at California Avenue and in the midst of tons of local businesses and lunch spots. As part of the Palo Alto team, your mission, should you choose...

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