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iPhone vs. Android: What Does Your Phone Say About You?

It’s the battle of our generation - iPhone vs. Android - and Yelp has some novel data on what makes these devices different. Users of both are aligned in their passion of using Yelp to find restaurants as well as nightlife, plumbers and even dentists. However, when we dug into the search queries, some interesting differences were revealed - some stereotypical (brunch, Starbucks, cheap, luxury, whole foods/organic), some not so much (beer vs. wine, ramen vs. steaks). Regardless of the differences, we discovered some things for certain: everyone loves sushi, pizza, and delivery of all kinds! Let’s start with a...

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Know Thyself: My Internship Quest to Build a Framework to Analyze Our Yelp Feed

Over the years Yelp has built cool integrations with partners such as Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo and many others that have enabled users to interact with our rich dataset in unique ways. One of the methods we’ve used to achieve these integrations is by building a robust, scalable data feeds system, which contains information for over 50 million businesses. As we allow partners to have their own configurations, information included in these feeds may vary from one partner to another and we did not have an easy way to access the history of data feeds that were delivered to our partners....

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Glide - How Yelp’s Android App Loads Images

Dynamically loaded images are a cornerstone of many Android applications. At Yelp, images are critical to how we connect consumers with great businesses. As network connections and device hardware have become more powerful, the quantity and quality of images that users have come to expect has continued to increase. Images can easily become the largest consumer of device memory and network data, and handling the downloading and management of this data becomes a daunting task. We explored several solutions to this problem, and ultimately decided that Glide provided a great combination of performance, ease of use, and a robust feature...

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Yelp API Now Returns Action Links

Savvy developers like you already know that the Yelp API is the best place to get information on local businesses. Today, as a part of our on-going integration with our friends at both Yelp SeatMe and Yelp Eat24, we are excited to announce an additional feature of the API: “Action Links.” Action Links will allow your users to directly make a reservation or even start a food order for delivery or pickup from wherever you’re displaying Yelp data. To see this in action (pardon the pun), next time you use the Search endpoint or the Business endpoint, simply pass in...

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