Yelp converted from using Subversion for source control over to Git over a year ago. As it turns out, however, Git (and distributed version control systems in general) can sometimes be daunting for some developers to understand, especially if they’re used to more traditional centralized versioning solutions. Git can also be a bit daunting for new developers just starting to use source control - it tends to assume that everyone is a power user, offering a high amount of potential, but sometimes at the cost of user-friendliness.

In an effort to help more people get a deeper understanding of just what exactly is going on underneath the hood when it comes to Git, one of our recent weekly learning groups here at Yelp focused on Git fundamentals. Since we believe that others outside of Yelp might also benefit from a better understanding of one of the most powerful and yet free version control systems out there, we’re making the video and slides of the session available for anyone who wishes to peruse them. Enjoy!

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