It’s that time of year again: when Yelp engineers huddle for 48 hours to dream up and build some trippy stuff – and Yelp Hack@thon 7 proved no different!

There was everything from custom Magic: The Gathering cards personalized for Yelp, our own version of Hungry, Hungry Hippos with (you guessed it) Hungry, Hungry Yelpers made in HTML5 to LOLPython on Monorails that featured LOLcode instead of Python (with some funny web framework to go along with it!).

6a00d83452b44469e2019b00bfb4c2970dThat Magic: The Gathering card look familiar, Jeremy?

In past years, we’ve provided a deeper look into some of the projects our team has created, but this time around, we wanted to give you more insight into the people and teams that hack at Yelp.

6a00d83452b44469e2019b00bf8331970bHungry, hungry Amir!

Check out just what goes on at a Yelp Hack@thon below and let us know, what makes you a nerd?<iframe src="" width="470" height="296" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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