We host several external meetup groups every month, but sometimes, they want us to present, too! SF Hadoop Users invited Sudarshan Gaikaiwair, one of our Yelptastic engineers to speak about mrjob, our MapReduce framework.

mrjob is an open source project that runs on top of Hadoop. While mrjob can also be used with your own hadoop cluster, it is great for getting started very quickly with Amazon’s EMR offering. mrjob allows programmers with very little Hadoop or EMR experience to quickly write scripts that can process terabytes of logs on hundreds of machines.

This talk covers the basics of MapReduce and presents code examples of how to write mrjob programs based on the problems Yelp faces.

Tech Talk: SF Hadoop Users Meetup with Sudarshan G. from Yelp Studios on Vimeo.

Coming up in the next few days will be several exciting meetups, including a Python developer “speed dating” event! Don’t worry, it’s strictly professional, courtesy of HackerX. We work closely with a variety of meetup groups all with the intention of providing our guests with great learning experiences. Stay tuned to learn about TIZEN, Revitalizing Unloved Devices, Data Visualization and much more!

- Wednesday, January 16, 2013 -6:30PM- HackerX- Python Developers (HackerX)

- Thursday, January 17, 2013 -6:30PM- Revitalizing Unloved Devices (Designers & Geeks)

- Thursday, January 24, 2013- 6:30PM- Graphics in HTML (Girls Develop It SF)

- Tuesday, January 29, 2013- 6:00PM- Data Visualization (Data Visualization)

- Thursday, January 31, 2013- 6:00PM- Introduction to the Backbone.js, Ember.js, and AngularJS Frameworks (SFHTML5)

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