Love Python but can’t make it all the way to Montreal for PyCon this year? Never fear, Yelp is hosting a sneak peak of many of the talks! Instead of buying plane tickets, a hotel room, and a conference pass, you can kick back, drink beer, and have pizza with us! Next week’s Python meetups, both PyLadies and SF Python, will be hosting practice talks for the conference. Let’s dive into two of the talks: a novice session on machine learning, and an intermediate talk on working with external languages.

At a high level, Melanie Warrick will get us started on machine learning. “Big Data” and analytics don’t have to be just scary buzzwords. Python is a great language to start tinkering in this area, and Melanie will show us how! Join us March 11th at the PyLadies event to learn more. Note, this event is open to both PyLadies and PyGents!

On the low level side of things, Christine Spang will describe best practices in invoking subprocesses and wrapping C code. Subprocesses can be used to run other binaries, shell processes, or even other Python processes you’d like to keep in a separate namespace.  But understanding all the options is important to using that power effectively and correctly.  “Dropping down” to C code can be an effective way to speed up a Python program and Python provides a way idiomatically to interact with highly optimized libraries. SF Python will host this talk and others on March 12th.

And there’s plenty more where that came from! Lada Adamic, a data scientist at Facebook, will model information spread at the Products that Count meetup, and at Designers + Geeks we’ll hear about cutting edge techniques to create narrative-driven experiences in the world around us.

See you at Yelp!

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