May brings us talks from the Python meetup, another mind-blowing talk from Designers + Geeks, and a talk from Products That Count on brand naming. I’m also excited to give you a sneak peak into June: we’re hosting our second annual WWDC after party. We promise this after party will be so good, you won’t want to leave for the hotel lobby (even if R. Kelly himself invites you).

For our Pythonista readers, let’s take a deeper look into the the upcoming Python meetup. Packaging turns out to be an important part of any language. Great packaging encourages language adoption, focuses the community on 1-2 of the best solutions to a problem, and encourages modular design. But it’s also a surprisingly tricky problem: support for a variety of OS, interactions with compiled libraries, organization of namespaces, programmatic specification of dependencies, and discovery and documentation are just some of the problems that need to be tackled. We haven’t even covered the difference between installing packages “locally” vs system wide, and the implications for deploying a set of packages!

Luckily, next week Noah Kantrowitz is going to help us sort through these issues with two presentations covering Python packaging and deployments. In between the main talks, we’ll see lightning talks and get a chance to mingle and ask questions. Hope you can join us!

Mark your calendars now for next month’s WWDC: Yelp is opening our doors for an after party to top them all! Meet some of the cool cats who work on our award-winning iPhone app and get an inside look at Yelp life. There will be plenty of 5-star hors d’oeuvres and wine served from our own customized barrels! Please RSVP hereand don’t forget to bring your conference badge.

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