Yelp’s API allows any developer to build rich user experiences by integrating Yelp’s local business information, reviews, and pictures into their web and mobile applications. We announced in January that we have ambitious plans to make it easier than ever for developers to integrate a local layer into their apps.

Today, we’re excited to present one of these efforts: a brand new API console that allows developers to explore the detail and depth of responses returned by the Yelp API, without having to write a single line of code.

Sign up for a free account, create your API v2 credentials, and check it out on the Yelp Developer Site.


API V1 End of Life

As we continue to invest in Version 2 of the API, we will be discontinuing the previously deprecated Version 1 of the API. All v1 API endpoints will be shut down on July 15, 2015. If you are currently using any v1 API endpoints you can find out how to migrate to v2 endpoints on the Yelp developer site.

Build Your Yelp API Powered App Today

Finally, if this has got you hungry to build something, you can head over to our Github Repo to find examples and libraries to get you underway with your Yelp API powered App.

We love hearing from fellow developers, so share your cool creations with us on Twitter via @YelpEngineering or write us at and stay tuned for even more API goodies coming your way.

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