Yelp periodically releases an open, all-purpose dataset for learning. The dataset is a subset of our businesses, reviews, and user data to inform government policy, academic research, and business strategy, among other uses. It has provided opportunities including teaching students about databases, helping others study natural language processing, sampling production data while learning to create mobile apps, and discovering compelling research findings. Our most recent dataset was published in March 2020.

Businesses everywhere are adapting to the effects of the Coronavirus and have been using Yelp features to stay connected with their customers. To this end, we’re releasing an addendum dataset including the following components, as of June 10, 2020:

We hope researchers, academics, and any interested parties will utilize this new data, along with our most recent economic impact report, to investigate and further understand the broad-ranging effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Download the new Yelp dataset here.

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